Paint, Joists and tarps! Wait, tarps are part of a house…?

IMG_6781 (Small)

Max says “Stop researching and just build it… Oh and if your looking at me then you can obviously see something called my food bowl, fill it”.

IMG_6769 (Small)

Finishing up the tear down, nasty old floor that was holding in a lot of moisture. Good news is the frame is near mint condition, amazing for something built in 1976. Especially because it was a water game.

IMG_6786 (Small)

My favorite new (borrowed) tool. Mr. Compound Miter Saw! Max’s worst enemy…

IMG_6789 (Small)

Paint… Splashed a bit of Locktite Rust converter in a few areas to stop surface rust.

IMG_6790 (Small)

Joists! Seems like progress is picking up but that is just the illusion of the Internet… This is about a week later, most of that time was spent fighting wind and rain. I would say on average about 10 mins spent fixing the tarp for every 15 mins of work.

IMG_6791 (Small)

Had a passer-by say “Your not building furniture!”

IMG_6792 (Small)

I disagree… 🙂

IMG_6793 (Small)

IMG_6794 (Small)

Temporary compression posts to keep a few not so snug joists in place. Next will be gluein’ and screwin’ the real, pressure treated compression posts.


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