Joist compression posts and more paint.


Eileen scraping the last of the reflective tape. Seems a bit easier to scrape when cold.

IMG_6797 (Small)

Joist compression posts in place, all 23 joists lined up at 16″oc.

IMG_6798 (Small)

More grinding…

IMG_6801 (Small)

Andrew workin the sticky mop.

IMG_6802 (Small)


One thought on “Joist compression posts and more paint.

  1. Hello! I am at that same point in your story ”STOP RESEARCHING AND BUILD IT” lol. I am having difficulty with the foundation/sub floor. I noticed you also built/placed joists INSIDE your trailer not on top or the metal trailer frame. This is what I am also doing as to not waste any inches for my head space. However, did you not insulate or seal your foundation?? I am in a cold weather climate so it’s a must. If you did I would LOVE TO KNOW YOUR PROCESS!

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