Floor and walls!

Blocking for sub floor, note the ready rod cross brace on the frame. This was to true up and stabilize the upper steel frame.

IMG_6898 (Small)

Another angle.

IMG_6901 (Small)

Ends of the tension rods.

IMG_6902 (Small)

There are 3 sets of these braces in key areas.

IMG_6903 (Small)

Sub floor glue!

IMG_6904 (Small)

All glued and screwed.

IMG_6905 (Small)

Took a few tries to get it all lined up right.

IMG_6906 (Small)


IMG_6907 (Small)


IMG_6909 (Small)

Huge load for this little truck.

IMG_6911 (Small)

Turbo framing with the help of Andrew.

IMG_6913 (Small)

We decided to frame the entire structure without window or door openings for now. Being that the studs are on 24″ centers, there will be very little waste when cutting out rough openings once we find all of our doors and windows.

IMG_6914 (Small)

Eileen’s first batch of cookies for the new home.

IMG_6917 (Small)


IMG_6920 (Small)


IMG_6921 (Small)


IMG_6923 (Small)


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