Ridge beam and rafters.

Thanks for the tool belt and measuring tape Andrew! And thanks to Eileen for cutting a wack load of rafter notches.

IMG_6947 (Small)


IMG_6949 (Small)


IMG_6951 (Small)


IMG_6953 (Small)


IMG_6954 (Small)


IMG_6955 (Small)


IMG_6957 (Small)


IMG_6958 (Small)


IMG_6959 (Small)


IMG_6960 (Small)


IMG_6961 (Small)


IMG_6962 (Small)


IMG_6963 (Small)


IMG_6964 (Small)


One thought on “Ridge beam and rafters.

  1. Looking great, the only weak spot I can see is the use of a OSB based ridge beam (unless the pictures are misleading due to scale), as OSB has a bad habit of disintegrating once it gets wet.

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