Quick update…

Eileen cutting rafter notches in our plywood sheathing.

IMG_6979 (Small)


Dormer sheathing. Took a good amount of time with cutting all the upper sheets of ply. Want a nice snug fit so the spray foam doesn’t leak out.


IMG_6980 (Small)


IMG_6981 (Small)

Went a bit crazy with Sketch Up…


And Max is ready for Halloween.

IMG_6976 (Small)



4 thoughts on “Quick update…

  1. Came here by link from Tiny House talk-really liking the 32′ length. What a great find for the trailer, wow! It is my long term goal to build a tiny home, but I want a main floor sleeping area in addition to a loft. I’m really looking forward to following your progress!

  2. Thanks for sharing…….I absolutely love following your progress! I like the 32″ length because of the necessary main floor sleeping area for me. I would love to build a mobile retirement tiny home over the next 5 years, and have been gathering a lot of info about tiny mobile homes. I want to be comfortable, but be able to move my home once or twice a year, so that I can “visit” my kids, grandchildren, and friends without invading their space. I am in the Kootenays at the moment, but will probably want to “park” in Banff, Cold Lake, 100 mile house, and Penticton / Vernon over the years to come! Whereabouts are you building your tiny house?

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