More renders…

Took a whole day off to travel north in search of our windows and doors. Seems to have paid off as we scored a great deal on slim vertical grain fir windows that were removed only days after installation on a multi million dollar house. The tricky part is deciding where to put them. Here’s the current render with some placement ideas. Now is your chance! If you have any input on placement please let us know!

The placements are not ideal in some areas but we are limited by the size of the windows, interior layout and a bunch of other random nagging features that refuse to come forward in my consciousness, but i can feel them…


Hey, its starting to look like a real house!




3 thoughts on “More renders…

  1. You could think about stacking the long ones so not to lose wall space on every wall? Vertical windows let in more light than horizontal because of sun angle. Just throwing it out there.

  2. You will also want to have them mostly on the side that you want for the south side of the house (to let in passive solar light over the winter). But you will want to shade them during the summer (a vinyl shade is good). Even in winter, you don’t want too much solar heat to come into your house which is possible with lots of windows.

  3. I think it looks great, and I especially love the little porthole winow in the dormer! I think my only possible concern would be for that huge (and gorgeous) window towards the right of the window, and whether there is enough support and strength left in that wall for the roof while travelling down the road. If this issue has already been addressed, I would love to know how, because I love the look of the large window and would like to incorporate such a window into my own home one day. 🙂

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