Semi-Final window layout… Maybe…

Just finished our final window layout. Big day tomorrow, should have them all framed and installed by dark.

Only other windows to install after this will be opening kitchen and bathroom windows. We had matching windows lined up for that but I dropped one… So, with the help of Mr. Table saw I turned the remaining glass and framework into gable end windows!

South and East facing walls.


North and West facing walls.



5 thoughts on “Semi-Final window layout… Maybe…

  1. I really like the layout of your you have an actual plan layout you can share? Also, will it require at least a 3/4 ton to pull?

  2. I think it looks wonderful! I too would love to see a floorplan and hear more about how it will be towed. We are a family of four (plus a couple fur-kids) so this longer size is fantastic! We would love to do something similar in a couple years and this size seems very do-able for our little clan. Thanks!

    • Hi Jenna, I think the first thing one needs to consider is the trailer, do you buy brand new or go second hand? I’ve seen a few on CL that would work really well for a tiny house from a 22 ft triple axle steel decked flat deck to 31ft double axle wood deck rehabbed rv trailer.

      I’m a single parent with two teens and I’m currently designing a tiny house. I think the minimum we can live in is 22 ft with 26 ft being optimal for my plan. With the use of a daybed(that has a trundle pull out bed underneath) in the living space, a pull out double bed from below the raised kitchen platform and two single beds in the loft I could easily sleep 6….it can be done! 🙂

      I hope to share my design plans and build in the next year.

  3. I love watching the transformation. I don’t look to be able to do it at this point in my life but I am downsizing and hopefully one day. Good luck.

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