Living room layout

We are having a very hard time deciding on the living room design. We don’t have to commit to a couch layout right now, but we do need to install the wood stove asap!

So… What option do you like best and why?


Don’t let safety clearances dictate your vote, which ever layout we choose will have appropriate clearances from walls and couch from the wood stove.


Photo #1


Photo #2


Photo #3


Photo #4


Photo #5



24 thoughts on “Living room layout

  1. It seems everyone likes the stove to be centered in the house, and not in front of the windows, which you’d want to sit near. I’m a design show junkie, and especially love Summer Home with Samantha Pynn. Just have to tell you, they HATE when stoves are angled… not sure why, but they take them out and turn them straight. Imagine a wood box near a stove; hard to find a triangular one!

  2. Photo three is the most ideal because it centralizes your primary heat source more, and gives a better route to use box fans, or an addon blower assembly to push the heat to the rest of the trailer to help heat the whole structure vs the one living room.

  3. I like 4 or 5 both move the stove more central. BUT … Check out the rocket mass furnace. Build a small one and build a couch to hold light weight mass or a water tank to hold the heat. Just a thought!!!!

  4. I like #5 , having lived with wood stove heat it works best to have it central in space, square to other things in space gives you better options for furniture arranging and wood box. If it is a air tight stove you won,t have door open while burning it so seeing the stove front not important, you will feel the warmth coming off it and it is the best heat.

  5. I went with 4 because it left enough space around the couch to have a pull-out sofa bed if needed – not sure if you guys are having a TV and where it might go, but this may have to fit into the equation. Having the stove on an angle seems to allow for a space beside it to have a wood box nearby. What are the dimensions of your wood stove? One thing I’m considering in my design is having my woodstove (I’ll be getting a Salamander) in my kitchen at counter height, allowing me to free up valuable floor space in my living area.

  6. I went with four because it would be the most inviting when you walk in however it would have been nice to see the rest of the layout to make a final judgement. Depending on the height of this room, I would build the couch and coffee table area up on a platform with convenient storage underneath. This would give the theatre seating look and comfort. Raise the windows accordingly for best exposure and enjoy the light coming in. Storage and use of space is the key to small living

  7. #1. This allows for clearance from the stove without taking out larger wall spaces. It’s also nice to be able to sit by or in front of the fire AND look out the windows!

  8. # 2. It works in the summer when windows open to a breeze as well as the view would be welcome. It would be cozy in the winter for sitting and reading or chatting or gazing at the view. We have a small cottage ~ 400 square feet – maybe a bit more if you include the loft. In a Quebec November, the wood stove keeps most of the cottage warm and the loft above almost too warm. We do get some passive solar heat through the almost entirely glass west wall. The thing to remember is that if you are active or under a cozy duvet in bed (or both) you need less heat but as soon as you sit down for any period of time, you chill very quickly.

  9. Heat sources should combat the heat loss, i.e. be close to the door and biggest windows. Placing the furnace across the room could generate drafts, in this room. The rest of the house will be heated by supplemental heating systems or rely on air circulation from ceiling and exhaust fans. Think about opening a door in super cold weather, how will the room recover?

  10. #3 hands down if you are using a wood stove, but have you considered a rocket stove mass heater? #4 would lend itself perfectly to that using the bench as the mass. This way by having a small short lived hot fire you would have nice radiant heat from the bench all night long. Due to the size of your trailer this baby is not going to see the road very often, so a little extra weight from the ‘mass’ would not be a deal breaker and would make the space infinitely more comfortable.

  11. I like the stove placement in photo 5. It is more central in the home so I would think it would heat the home more evenly. While I like the unique look of the angled stove, I think having it straight on would be the more practical choice in a smaller living room. I remember being in one home that had it angled, and while it looked neat, it seemed to dominate that corner, much like a large tv does in some homes. Because this stove was in a home with a larger living room, it didn’t seem as overwhelming as I imagine it could feel in a tiny home.

    I also think the couch layout in photo 5 is great! It seems to make the room look more spacious and, with the L-shape, I think it makes the kitchen area more of a part of the room. I know in every house I’ve lived in, folks always wound up in the kitchen chatting and hanging out. This layout seems to provide that connection and closeness without folks actually being smooshed into the kitchen area with you. And, because the couch doesn’t extend all the way to the other side of the room (at the front end), it leaves room for some storage, or a small drop-leaf table that can be brought out and used as a dining table in front of the couch, or even just empty space to avoid feeling cluttered.

    Your home is looking great and I can’t wait to see more!

  12. I chose #5 for the same reason as Jenna M. This stove is more likely going to be the heating source for the entire tiny house and it only makes sense to have it directed to function as such.

  13. I voted four but meant to vote three!! It’s just more appealing to me. I like it centered in the house and away from the windows.

  14. I like #4 because the stove is more centrally located and the couch is positioned so you can still walk by yet you still have a good view out of the windows.

  15. I like #4 because you would have room for bookshelves or desk across/next to the sofa…….. Like the angled stove but agree with someone who said it would be hard to find a triangle shaped wood box………. would love to see the rest of design because of food serving and dining area……..

  16. Number 3 is a nice layout facing the fireplace, but where do you put your tv? at least 4 and 5 offer a facing wall to hang your flat screen on…that’s why I chose 5.

  17. Definitely #3 ! It makes more sense that the heat source is “centrally located”, and the layout of the couch is properly designated so that the couch (and anyone sitting on it) , is not subject to being too close to the heat source. I think it’s more aesthetically pleasing, and would allow a better flow for movement /placement of other items in the room…..

  18. I always thought it was overkill to put a wood stove in a tiny house. It looks cute but when you have to factor in clearance on all sides, that takes up a lot of usable space! Besides, if it is well made, it would not take more than 10 minutes for a wood stove to use up all the oxygen in such a small space. And how long are winters where you live anyway? Here we have about 2 months of cold weather so it is better to design for the 10 months that it is going to be warm.
    I love your concept though, reusing the trailer is an awesome idea and it looks like you are having fun doing it and that is what is really important. Best wishes on your endeavor.

  19. I really liked four. It gives you a view of the fireplace and still room for an entertainment center across as well. You get great air flow over the couch in summer. When heating you want the stove as central as possible.

  20. 5 is my preferred… One can still turn to look out the window but primary focus would be the stove and/or conversation with others and/or television, etc.

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