Big update! Lots of photos!

First of all, thank you everyone for your input on our living room layout! 200 votes!?!?!? 1000 hits yesterday!? and 500 today!?!? We are shocked and super stoked that every one is so interested in our tiny house! All this feedback really helps keep the energy up for us every day!

We feel bad not responding to all your comments, we will get to them…

If you live in the north west you would know we have had an insane October with beautiful blue skys, lots of sun and warmth. So… we have been very busy every day (10hr days) getting as much done as possible before the rain really sets back in.

Ok, big update… Not lots of text but I’m sure the pictures will speak for themselves. Windows, doors, left over framing and sheathing, wood stove!!!

French doors.

IMG_6990 (Small)

The heart of our carnival ride.

IMG_6991 (Small)

The term “Rough opening” doesn’t exist in my world… Window openings sanded smooth with 120grit.

IMG_6992 (Small)

IMG_6994 (Small)

Every glass surface is double pane.

IMG_6995 (Small)

What a mess…

IMG_6996 (Small)

This will be my music studio. aka spare bedroom 😦

IMG_6997 (Small)

Fits but I think we would be over our road width limit like this.

IMG_6998 (Small)

Much better. None of these fir windows opened when we bought them. Many hours with a chisel later reveals a fresher breeze.

IMG_7000 (Small)

Glamor shot. (East and North facings walls.)

IMG_7001 (Small)

South and East facing walls.

IMG_7002 (Small)

Carnival rules.

IMG_7003 (Small)

Very precise rough openings for our chimney.

IMG_7004 (Small)

IMG_7006 (Small)

Oh yea, I forgot to install skylights!

IMG_7007 (Small)

Soooooo good, feels like a home all ready.

IMG_7008 (Small)

Eileen’s amazing paint and polish work.

IMG_7009 (Small)


IMG_7010 (Small)

Pirate’s work here is done!

IMG_7011 (Small)


11 thoughts on “Big update! Lots of photos!

  1. Great pictures, love seeing the updates. You will be very cozy in there when the rains come. We lived in lower mainland B.C. for nine years so know you will love your wood stove, neighbors will be over when the winds knock out their power and they can’t cook any food in their modern electric kitchens. Keep up the good work.

  2. Any updates? I would LOVE to see the completed project. The work I have seen through your pictures looks amazing. Great work!

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