Interior layout idea and some beauty shots.

Middle left black box is full height cupboard space. Wood tone junk above that is a mini staircase with 90deg turn half way up. Our loft is so big I think we can afford the space a staircase will take up.




IMG_7014 (Small)

IMG_7015 (Small)

Custom window hinges.

IMG_7016 (Small)

IMG_7017 (Small)

Music, fire and furballs.

IMG_7020 (Small)

And pass out time.

IMG_7021 (Small)

IMG_7025 (Small)

IMG_7028 (Small)

Max and I planning his cat door placement. He wants a ramp outside to the loft so he can go straight to bed. Eileen said no way.

IMG_7030 (Small)


11 thoughts on “Interior layout idea and some beauty shots.

  1. I get a kick out of an unfinished house with a lovely carpet. Priorities! I’m really enjoying following your progress since I signed up for posts. Over in Manitoba living vicariously!

  2. Personally, I’d not waste the energy on a round shower, given the space you have, a standard corner shower would fit in there and give you a much more enjoyable experience.

    If you still want a tub of some kind, salvage the shower unit from a 5th wheel RV, they have smaller lightweight tub/shower combos.

  3. It looks like Max has had his word on the planning process, but i’m sure that Pirate could use some customization in his home as well. How about one of those long mirrors that makes things look much bigger than they are. He can sit and admire his large figure in front of the fireplace.

  4. Hey I assume you guys are in BC though it doesn’t actually say anywhere on your site. I’m building a tiny house this winter in Duncan (on Vancouver Island), on the frame from a torn down 35′ camper trailer. I’m wondering how you guys are going about plating/insuring your house, if you ever need to move it on a road. Is it a flat deck that happens to be carrying your house? Is it a u-bilt travel trailer? Is it a mobile home? Does it need inspection in order to be registered/insured? Message me privately if you like

  5. Looks great! Thanks for sharing this with us. I’ve been trying to locate a trailer that is similar but the only 32′ trailers I’m finding have huge goose-neck attachments. Should I search for boxcar trailers? Thanks!

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